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Smoking Destroys your Relationship

Does smoking keep the both of you from moving forward in your intimate relationship?

Those who were either a smoker or a nonsmoker knows how smoking kept them from progressing in their intimate relationships. The thing with those people who are trying so hard to stop smoking, may face a lot of problems in their life and that could be the catalyst to the long awaited change. Knowing the bad effects of smoking to your intimacy towards someone, must push you to quit the habit.

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Nonsmokers hate how the cigarette's odor reeks in the bed when the smoker lies in the bed. Doing a shower will take away the strong odor of the cigarette however, there are instances when you just cannot do the it. Because the odor is everywhere, you are not happy with cuddling with your partner, who is a smoker. This somehow lessens the intimacy between you and your partner.
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House furniture and clothes

You do not want your clothes to have that cigarette's odor and you do not want the house furniture to have that odor also. Wearing clothes that smells like cigarettes is gross even if a former smoker has done so many times before.

Diseases you get from smoking

Smokers are susceptible to diseases in the heart, lungs, and other parts of the body. The thing is, smokers are easily get sick than the nonsmokers. The healthy nonsmoker will not hesitate on helping you get back to shape, eventually he or she will get tired of doing the same thing every time the smoker gets sick. If you want to be okay for the rest of your like then stop smoking.

Energy for sex

When you smoke; you have lesser vigor for any activity. Because smoking drains your energy supply, will there be enough energy for sex? The less satisfying sex is, the more you grow distant from your partner.

Birth control usage

Women aged twenty-five above are prohibited from smoking when using a birth control pill. Smoking can lessen the effectiveness of the birth control pill. A host of other health problems arise when smoking while using birth control pills. If that is the case, then do not give yourself more problems and stop smoking for your own sake.

Your life time

You are always wishing for you to live your life with your partner forever. The thing is, the complications of the smoking habit you have will surely prevent your wishes from happening. If you want your wishes to come true then stop smoking.

If you have difficulty with adjusting to a life without smoking, an electronic cigarette can be a good substitute for that.

For lesser problems, use an electronic cigarette.