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The Reasons Why You Should Use the Whizzinator

It is essential to note that the whizzinator is a urinating device that looks exactly the real male genitals. The whizzinator kit consists of a bag, synthetic urine, 2 eight hour heating pads, temperature indicator, detailed instructions, and a reusable refill pump. Besides, you should be aware that this device is widely used in workplaces or by the people who participate in elite competitions so that they can cheat urine and drug test. By the end of this topic you will be in a position to know the advantages of using the whizzinator.

The first benefit of using the whizzinator is that it is reliable. With the whizzinator is am confident that you will pass the urine test. Like you find that the synthetic urine has the same color, smell, temperature, and ph the same as that one of the natural human urine making it impossible to know that it is a fake Apart from that, the whizzinator also blends well with the natural male genitals making it hard to spot that you are wearing a device.

The other reason why you should choose the whizzinator is that it can maintain the temperature of the natural urine. One good thing with this is that it will make you pass drug urine test successfully. This is because the urine that is fresh from the body is always warm and when your urine is cold it will mean that you are using drugs. Thus where the whizzinator comes in because it has heating pads that can maintain the temperature of synthetic urine for sixteen hours. This is enough time even when you are in your workplace because people always work for eight houses per day. Apart from that, it has a temperature indicator which will show you when the temperature is dropping.

Apart from that, the whizzinator is easy to use. One good thing is that it is accompanied with detailed instructions which will guide you on how you should use the device. Besides, you can also take at least two minutes to assemble and disassemble the device.

Besides, it is also beneficial to use the whizzinator because it is discreet. You find that it replicates the real make genitals making it hard notice. Also, it also has straps that are used in tying the device tightly so that it does not fall.

Most of the people also prefer the whizzinator because it is safe. First of all the synthetic urine that is used is sterilized. The other remaining parts are also lab tested making them safe for all the types of skin.

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